Booking Terms and Conditions

When you book with Youngstars, our aim is for you to be completely satisfied with the whole procedure from the booking process right through to child pick up after Camp. Please read the following terms and conditions, which highlight what you can expect from Youngstars but also what is expected from you and your child, to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

We will always try to do our best for every child and make sure they are kept safe and engaged, we will also endeavour to behave with integrity, honesty and respect towards you and your child.

If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions or anything needs clarity, please call us.


All booking is performed online, full payment or part payment is required at the point of booking, this includes any additional booking or extensions that you may require. Opting to pay via childcare vouchers also constitutes acceptance of these booking terms and conditions, therefore please check the booking confirmation email carefully to ensure the dates, location and details are correct and as expected – please inform us as soon as possible with any discrepancies at least 48 hours before commencement of your booking.

Changes to your booking

If you need to change your booking in any way, please get in touch as you are unable to do this yourself, no changes may be made within 48 hours of the booking commencing.


Cancellations for whatever reason that fall within 48 hours of commencement of your booking will be charged in full. Staffing at all venues are based on ratios between teachers and children and so it is necessary to safe guard against late cancellations. This includes any dates that are not attended for any reason.

Insurance and Liability

All children under Youngstars care are covered by Public Liability Insurance, a current copy of our insurance certificate is available at all Holiday Camp Venues, please ask your Camp Leader.

Special Needs and Requirements

Every child on our Camps has access to the same opportunities and we are an inclusive Camp, although some children may have specific medical, physical or behavioural requirements that need to be taken into account prior to participating in activities. It is essential that these requirements are highlighted during the booking process and where necessary, additional contact be made to highlight this to Youngstars management.

The needs of each child vary, so decisions on how best to include children into our programme, are made on a case-by-case basis. We request that parents of children with specific needs contact us or SENCO to discuss how we can best accommodate their child, and consider whether any special arrangements need to be made. We will endeavour to accommodate every child and will not exclude any child on face value, however, if it becomes apparent that we are not equipped to adequately manage or deal with the needs of your child we will inform you of this as previously agreed. If we decide we cannot accommodate your child it will be due to a fundamental safe guarding reason to protect your child and our staff and we ask that you respect that. A full refund of any remaining booking dates will be issued in this eventuality.

Your responsibility in this process is full disclosure to us prior to your child attending Camp, the more information we have, the more prepared we can be and the greater the chance of your child having a positive experience.


We play Sports and Games at Camp and breakages happen from time to time as a result of the activities that we run, this is an accepted risk by Youngstars. However, as the parent / carer you will be responsible for any breakage or damage to the property or equipment that is a direct result of a child mistreating it or deliberately misusing said property or equipment. You will be responsible for any costs incurred by Youngstars in replacing or repairing any property (doors, windows, locks etc) or equipment of significant value.


It is a requirement that all children attending Holiday Camp are toilet trained, we cannot accommodate children undergoing toilet training or those still wearing nappies or pull ups. All children must be able to use the toilet by themselves and wipe themselves after toilet use. This is another fundamental safe guarding issue and due to the nature of a typical camp session, it is vital for the comfort of your child and our staff. Accidents happen with children and if this is a possibility please ensure your child has a change of clothes and that you disclose this prior to attendance or upon arrival.

However, if it becomes apparent that your child is not toilet trained and has repeatedly soiled or wet themselves you will be made aware of this and future attendance maybe denied until they are toilet trained. A full refund will be provided for any remaining booking dates, however no compensation will be made for losses incurred as a result.

Illness and First Aid

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to inform Youngstars at the time of booking of any pre-existing medical, physical or behavioural conditions, or medication requirements, so that we can make provision for the child’s specific needs at Camp. If this information is not provided we reserve the right to exclude the child from some or all activities.

If a child is deemed too ill by the Camp Manager upon arrival to Camp, we reserve the right to refuse participation on Camp until the child has been symptom free for at least 24 hours. If a child requires medication, our staff can only administer medication if it is specifically prescribed for that child, by a health professional.

If your child requires an asthma pump or epipen but does not have it with them, we cannot accept entry without those items being on site. Appropriate First Aid will be administered to children in the event of an accident while under Youngstars care. If the accident is more serious, we may need to call the emergency services and will immediately inform you. We have comprehensive procedures for major accidents that all Camp staff are trained in.

It is also our policy to inform you of any significant knock on the head during Camp, we will monitor your child and inform you of any changes in your child’s mood, personality or if they feel sick. You are welcome to pick your child up early at any point.

To reduce the possibility of anaphylaxis, we are a nut free camp, so please ensure that all food brought to camp is free from nuts. Any nut products or products that may contain nuts will be taken away from your child and given back upon collection.

Photography and Video

On occasion, Youngstars may plan to take still images and / or videos for the promotion of the business. If this is a possibility at the venue your child is scheduled to attend you will be informed ahead of time and given the option to exclude your child from all photography.

Discipline & Child Exclusion

Youngstars adopts standard disciplinary procedures within Camp activities for unruly behaviour, by booking onto Camp, you also accept that every child may be subject to these procedures for the benefit of the activities and for the enjoyment of the other children. Youngstars also reserves the right to exclude any child for any justifiable reason, including but not limited to inappropriate parent or child behaviour, illness, bullying and repeated late collection. As a gesture of goodwill we will refund any remaining days left of your child’s booking. No refund will be made for days missed and no compensation will be made for any other costs or losses incurred as a result.


Our aim is to ensure that every child has fun at Camp and that they come away with a positive experience. We also wish that your experience with us be easy, efficient and of value to you. If we fall short with regards to you or your child, we invite you to tell us straight away so we can address the issue immediately. Please let your Camp manager know of any complaints or concerns and they will escalate the issue where appropriate.

Child Abuse

Please be aware that all staff at Youngstars have a legal duty to respond if we suspect a child may be suffering a form of abuse, or if a child discloses information to us. We take this responsibility very seriously and expect all of our staff to be vigilant for the signs of abuse. Youngstars train all staff in spotting the signs of abuse and the procedures to take in the case of a disclosure.