Youngstars Ltd is a team of dynamic, enthusiastic and vibrant coaches who are also reliable, dependable and have a passion for getting young children active and involved in sports.

Everyone at Youngstars from the top down is capable of delivering our unique sports and activity sessions and we take great care when recruiting our coaching team and ensure they are well rehearsed in our methodology.


We deliver fun, energetic games with aspects of many sports in a non-competitive environment and encourage help and support for each other. The sports we introduce to the children are; basketball, rugby, football, hockey, lacrosse, tennis, t-ball (similar to rounders & baseball) and cricket. Children can equally flourish as part of a team or as an individual through careful management of game scenarios. We have a proven formula of combining traditional games with aspects of certain skills associated with the sports mentioned.

Sessions and courses can be tailored to individual needs or requirements; for example we can provide a single sport (tennis club, football club etc) or can be a rotation of sports or can simply be a series of fun games and activities.


The company ethos of Youngstars is to introduce as many children as possible to activity and sport in response to growing concerns about childhood obesity.

We aim to give all children a positive experience when it comes to sports away from a competitive and pressured environment.

They will be more likely to continue with activity in later life if early experiences are positive.

On a wider scale, it is well documented that countries that excel at sport on a global level have wide and varied programs in talent detection from an early age; if we can introduce children to sports that they might not have encountered otherwise, then maybe we can help find the next sporting star!