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Ducks Infant School - summer Term

DUCKS Summer Term – Stay & Play
(nursery – Year 2) & Sports Clubs
  • DUCKS Summer Term – Stay & Play (nursery – Year 2) & Sports Clubs

    87 College Rd, Dulwich, London SE21 7HH


    3:30pm – 4:30pm


    Club extension 4:30-5pm


    School Term

    26th April 2022 – 6th July 2022

    Half Term

    28th May 2022 – 5th June 2022

    Bank Holiday
    2nd May 2022

    *To request an ADHOC session Please email clubs@young-stars.co.uk before 12pm
    please see more info about Adhoc requests

    • Sports Clubs
      Monday Football:
      EY: Getting them ready for a future football! We will cover passing, shooting, tackling and our special dribbling masterclass.
      KS1: Developing all the basics of football including passing, shooting and our dribbling masterclass. In this club we will find fun ways to improve game play and teamwork
    • Tuesday Multisports Whack It:
      We have tweaked the Tuesday Multisports to reflect the following Sports: Hockey, Cricket, Lacrosse and T-ball. Each week will focus on a different Sport in rotation, working on the fundamentals of each Sport. It will still be fun and engaging but they will learn how to hold the sticks and bats associated with each Sport and build the skills week on week. We’re excited about the changes and hope the children will be too! All equipment is made of plastic btw!!
    • Wednesday Athletics:
      Quickly becoming one of our most popular school clubs, Athletics club will cover many disciplines including running/sprinting, hurdles, relays, jumping and throwing with team work the common theme through out
    • Thursday Rugby:
      EY: A FUN introduction to all the basics of Rugby. We will cover passing, catching, moving and stepping as we develop teamwork and communication skills
      KS1: Improving on all the basics of Tag and Touch Rugby including passing,kicking and tackling. We’ll also play fun games to improve game play and team work skills.
    • Friday Tennis:
      Technique is crucial. We’ll use all of our fun games to develop coordination, helping all our players to hit Volleys, forehands and backhands with confidence
    • Stay & Play
      Stay & Play Active will combine our usual weekly sports offerings along with the traditional After School Care. Sports will not be allocated specific days but will include a rotation of football, rugby, tennis, athletics & hockey along with a few others.
      children will be separated into Early Years bubble ( Nursery & Reception) and KS1 Bubble ( Year 1 & Year 2) as per school guidance
    • Children will be collected by a member of the Youngstars team prior to the session.
    • Collection at the end of the day will be at the Garden gate close to the Kindergarten building

    ADHOC Stay & Play sessions

    If you needing emergency ADHOC session with Youngstars please follow the below procedure to ensure your request is seen to quickly and promptly.


    To request an ADHOC session Please email clubs@young-stars.co.uk before 1pm

    *If your child has used Youngstars services before please provide the below information;

    Full name, ADHOC session date, Selected time slot. ( 3:30pm-4:30pm; 3:30pm-5pm; Club extension 4:30pm-5pm)


    *If your child has never used Youngstars services before please provide the below information so a member of the team can add them to the system.

    Full name, date of birth, class, allergies, pick up password, emergency contact name and number, parents name and contact information.
    Selected time slot. ( 3:30pm-4:30pm; 3:30pm-5pm; Club extension 4:30pm-5pm)

    Method of paying (Card/Childcare Vouchers/Tax-Fee Childcare)


    Once your child has been booked on you shall receive a confirmation email, if you paying by card please use the link ”Manage my account” found at the bottom of your email to go to the payment link and to finalise the booking.


    If you are paying by childcare vouchers/Tax free childcare please email clubs@young-stars.co.uk the proof of payment from your childcare provider to finalise the booking.


    All requests will be dealt with quickly so that you have peace of mind that your child is booked on and has care in place.


    What to bring:

    – PE kit
    – Trainers
    – Raincoat
    – water bottle

    All sports equipment will be provided

    • Stay and Play is available if you need club provision until 5pm
    • These sessions will be run in Year group bubbles with parents required to book on for the whole term.
    • Children will be collected by a member of the Youngstars team prior to the session.
    • Parents/Carers collection point is by the Early Years side gate
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