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Ducks Infant School - lent Term

DUCKS Lent Term -Stay & Play
(Nursery – Year 2) and Sports Clubs
  • DUCKS Lent Term -Stay & Play (Nursery – Year 2) and Sports Clubs

    87 College Rd, Dulwich, London SE21 7HH


    3:30pm – 5pm



    10th January 2022 – 1st April 2022



    • Sports Clubs
      Monday Football:
      EY: Getting them ready for a future football! We will cover passing, shooting, tackling and our special dribbling masterclass.
      KS1: Developing all the basics of football including passing, shooting and our dribbling masterclass. In this club we will find fun ways to improve game play and teamworkTuesday Multisports:
      This club is always a DUCKs favourite! We will be introducing a new sport each week. Different sports include; football, basketball, cricket, rugby, athletics, rounders, dodgeball and tennis.

      Wednesday Athletics:
      Quickly becoming one of our most popular school clubs, Athletics clu will cover many disciplines including running/sprinting, hurdles, relays, jumping and throwing with team work the common theme through out

      Thursday Rugby:
      EY: A FUN introduction to all the basics of Rugby. We will cover passing, catching, moving and stepping as we develop teamwork and communication skills
      KS1: Improving on all the basics of Tag and Touch Rugby including passing,kicking and tackling. We’ll also play fun games to improve game play and team work skills.

      Friday Tennis:
      Technique is crucial. We’ll use all of our fun games to develop coordination, helping all our players to hit Volleys, forehands and backhands with confidence

    • Stay & Play
      Stay & Play Active will combine our usual weekly sports offerings along with the traditional After School Care. Sports will not be allocated specific days but will include a rotation of football, rugby, tennis, athletics & hockey along with a few others.
      children will be separated into Early Years bubble ( Nursery & Reception) and KS1 Bubble ( Year 1 & Year 2) as per school guidance
    • Children will be collected by a member of the Youngstars team prior to the session.
    • Collection at the end of the day will be at the Garden gate close to the Kindergarten building