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Belleville Wix Academy – After School Club Spring TermBelleville Wix Sports clubs
  • Belleville Wix Academy – After School Club Spring Term

    Belleville Wix Academy, Wix's Ln, London SW4 0AJ



    Club extension 4:30 – 6pm


    5th January 2022 – 1st April 2022


    We will be providing a range of services, including arts, crafts, board games, homework club as well as a more energetic option with our Activity Leaders.

    Youngstars are an experienced provider of quality childcare and we will safeguard and engage your children whilst in our care.


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  • Belleville Wix Sports clubs

    Belleville Wix Academy, Wix's Ln, London SW4 0AJ


    3.30 – 4.20pm


    10th January 2022 –  1st April 2022

    Sports Clubs

    • Monday KS1 Multisport
    • Tuesday Early Years Multisport
    • Wednesday KS2 Multisport
    • Friday Girls Football Club


    At Youngstars we strive on introducing young children into sporting fun environment. But it’s also imperative that children gain a solid foundation and learn many sporting skills, so when they are older they can be good at several different sports not just one.

    The Multi sports clubs are based on the learning and fun aspect with physical skills suitable for boys and girls. The clubs are packed with many sports such as Athletics, Tag Rugby, Hockey, Tennis, Football and Cricket and many other fun games!

    We will rotate several sports throughout the term including football, hockey, dodgeball, rugby, cricket, tennis etc.. Each session follows a familiar structure of warm up, associated sporting drills, main skill & warm down game.


    Girls Football – In each session we will work on a particular skill such as, passing, shooting, dribbling and tackling. There will also be plenty of teamwork drills as we look to develop a new girls football team. This is for year 5 and 6 girls only.


    Pupil Premium – We are also delighted to offer 50% discount for those families claiming Pupil Premium, please enter the code when prompted to claim the discount

    What to bring:

    – Trainers
    – Raincoat
    – water bottle
    – Snack (No nuts)

    All sports equipment will be provided

    These clubs are outdoor clubs with no indoor wet weather option available. On days where we deem the weather unsafe to operate we’ll cancel the session by 12pm on the day giving parent as much notice as possible.