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Belleville Primary Meteor Street - summer Term

Belleville Meteor Street Sports Clubs – Summer Term
  • Belleville Meteor Street Sports Clubs – Summer Term

    Belleville Primary School, Meteor Street




    Club Dates

    Wednesday 2oth April 2022 – Wednesday 20th July 2022

    Half term

    Monday 30th May – Friday 3rd June 2022

    Bank Holiday

    Monday 2nd May 2022

    We accept Childcare vouchers & Tax Free Childcare

    At Youngstars we strive on introducing young children into sporting fun environment. But it’s also imperative that children gain a solid foundation and learn many sporting skills, so when they are older they can be good at several different sports not just one.

    Sports Club on offer  *please note the below clubs are open to Reception – Year 2

    • Monday           
      The Multi sports clubs are based on the learning and fun aspect with physical skills suitable for boys and girls.
      The clubs are packed with many sports such as Athletics, Tag Rugby, Hockey, Tennis, Football and Cricket and
      many other fun games! We will rotate several sports throughout the term. Each session follows a familiar structure of warm up, associated sporting drills, main skill & warm down game.
    • Thursday         
      Technique is crucial. We’ll use all of our fun games to develop coordination, helping all our players to hit Volleys, forehands
      and backhands with confidence.


    What to bring:

    – Trainers and PE kit optional
    – Raincoat
    – water bottle
    – Snack (No nuts)

    All sports equipment will be provided

    If your child does have a Tennis racket they welcome to bring it along as long it is labelled with their name on.

    Please note that clubs with a low number of sign ups may not go ahead, so if you are thinking of signing up and know of others wishing to sign up, please do so in advance of the term start date.​


    Termly booking session price £96

    (covers April through to July)

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